Six Months at a Glance

On January 17, 2017, F.I.T. Academy was officially incorporated in the eyes of the government. This journey started long before then in the summer of 2016. A group of community members that consisted of educators, people in recovery, and family members who lost a loved one came together to laugh, cry, and create solutions to the problems around us. We came to the realization that there are resources out there that are working; we just need to bring them here to North Carolina.

As we met, it became more clear what our purpose was. We saw the movie Generation Found, and without hesitation, we jumped in with all we had to create a recovery high school in North Carolina. The recovery communities in NC are growing, and the support to begin this project was, without a doubt, easy for people to believe in and support. In April we attended the National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit in Atlanta and learned a lot. We brought back ideas to the board and began to meet monthly as a team to brainstorm necessary action items. In July we attended the Association for Recovery High Schools and the Association for Higher Education Conferences in Washington where we met with incredible high school directors, treatment owners, people in recovery, and collegiate recovery programs. We also walked away with new knowledge about the continuum of care. Our team continues to network with treatment facilities in our state and around the country; we conference with recovery high school directors and discuss what it takes to staff the most incredible resource on earth to help students with substance use disorder.
We have learned since January 2017 that we are on a hard and long road, but we are all in, without hesitation. We know that this program works; we hear the success stories in other states, and the need is great. We know that with our continued hard work and understanding of the journey being a part of the success story, we will see this incredible resource make its way into our state.

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