The Emerald Crest

As you begin your journey at Emerald School of Excellence, you will be pinned with an emerald gemstone that represents how special and unique you are. You have rare, valuable gifts and talents to bring to this world. The emerald will represent a balance of peace, healing, and reflection upon your progress as you become stronger with each passing day.

It will be a constant reminder of patience through the tougher times. As you strengthen with each day of sobriety, we will triumph with you and honor you for your hard work. Nothing you accomplish will be easy, but we promise that it will be worth it. The vines represent us joining with you in celebration of your recovery, for you will never be alone but always part of the Emerald family. Recovery will require you to not give up on yourself or your Emerald family. The medal you will receive at sobriety milestones will mark your trust in the recovery community, confidence in yourself and those supporting you, and faith in your newfound path and journey. As you find your purpose through your pain, you will be protected by the strongest army of teachers, coaches, and staff who will defend you and your rights; they are represented by the ribbon attached to your medal. You and the team here at Emerald will continue to be advocates and a voice for hope in recovery, made evident by the helmet. The knight is your leap into the real world, a symbol of how prepared and ready you will be to conquer the world, pursue your dreams, and continue to sharpen the tools that help you on the path to long-term sobriety.

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