Debra Kaclik

Board Member

Dr. Debra Kaclik is a cutting-edge educational leader who strives to meet today’s challenges.

Rounding out 25 years of educational experience with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Deb prides herself on effective communication that establishes both a continuous, enthusiastic rapport among stakeholders and a willingness to change and adapt. She is dedicated to authentic relationship-building that drives conversations, creating innovative approaches for addressing civil rights sectors, fighting to end bias and discrimination in K–12 schools, writing and implementing inclusive policies and procedures, and creating supportive environments for all students and their families. She leads public education and advocacy efforts, student organization and leadership development, professional training for educators, research, and in-school programming. She focuses her efforts on empowering student voices. Dr. Kaclik has been the recipient of several honors throughout her career and is published in professional journals. Deb serves on several local boards supporting community youth. She is an avid sailor and enjoys mountain biking, hiking, gardening, cooking, and working with her therapy dogs.