Lori Cauthen

Vice President

Dr. Lori Cauthen serves as the curriculum chair and board member, a role in which she brings over 30 years of educational experience, coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches educational experience to the organization.

Lori has served as a teacher, principal, and director in one of the largest school districts in North Carolina and has a passion for seeing ALL students find success. Lori brings to the organization a passion for working with diverse groups of people to expand and bring to fruition the vision for opening a school for students in recovery from substance use disorder. When asked, Lori will tell you how excited she is to be involved with the Emerald School of Excellence and such a diverse group of individuals that all have a heart for helping students overcome the daily battles of recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Young adults/students face a variety of life challenges that can affect them in ways we cannot always understand, and they will often turn to or abuse alcohol and other drugs. Lori says, “We can choose to be part of the solution and offer hope to students/families, or we can sit on the sidelines and watch students continue on a path of destruction. Emerald School of Excellence is a school that will be a safe haven for our students to grow and learn.” Lori shares her gifts, hoping each day will make a difference in a young adult’s/student’s life.