Kallup McCoy II

My name is the amazing Kallup McCoy II and I’m a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder. What that means to me is I now have a loving relationship with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I’ve been in recovery for over 22 months after being on addicted to numerous substances for 14+ years. I’m a survivor of 6 overdoses 3 of which I had to be brought back with narcan. I’m now part of the solution, i recently ran the infamous Trail of Tears covering 777 miles in 40 days. This was to raise money for our organization RezHOPE Recovery and Consulting. Today, I work as a peer support specialist/recovery coach, personal trainer and coach/mentor to teens, inspirational speaker, advocate and proponent for our youth, wherever I’m needed. I’ve spoke in several schools and it’s been the same story in all of them… there’s not enough personnel and focus on the drug epidemic that’s been sweeping across our nation. The importance of getting the youth the proper tools to be able to overcome lives challenges, in particularly when alcohol and other drugs are involved is such a critical need. Recovery high schools and in particularly ESE, would play such an instrumental role in bringing the numbers down of our youth who are addicted. The work that Mary Ferreri and her staff are doing is nothing short of world changing! If we want to stop the hemorrhaging of death and destruction that drug addiction brings then we must get behind recovery champions who will work relentlessly to change the trajectory of what our country has been facing. We need more recovery high schools, PERIOD! Thank you and God bless.