Our mission is to provide quality, individualized instruction, and recovery support to adolescents in recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders so students with reach long-term recovery, obtain their high school diploma, and prepare for their next step.

Recovery is a process of hope and healing that is fostered in a positive peer-to-peer community at Emerald School. Our goal is to provide the best possible education and support system for every student in recovery from substance use and co-occuring disorders by offering freedom and flexibility through quality education, peer support and community service.

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year three retention rate
average graduate gpa
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received financial assistance

Effectiveness of Recovery High Schools

High school is a rite of passage for teens heading into early adulthood. But this exciting and valuable life experience could take a sinister turn when drugs and alcohol are introduced. For some students, addiction can completely erase any hope for education – or a future. Learn more on Recovery.org, a resource for American Additiction Centers.

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of students return to use in a traditional high school setting
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of students return to use in a Recovery High School environment

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